1. Train ride to Samopše. Forever ago. 


  2. Samopše. Forever ago.



  4. Life at our newly acquired apartment. 


  5. Woke up today to find the town covered in a blanket of snow. Autumn is officially over and I had barely noticed it’s not summer anymore. Catching up with all that happened and designing a gravestone. I have a love/hate feelings for winter. 


  6. Early autumn - skateboarding on the roof of our dorm building. 


  7. Details from the Villa of Franz Stross which stands opposite the school campus in Liberec. The Stross Villa represents one of the best-preserved examples of the architecture emerging from Expressionism and heading towards Art-Deco. The Prague German architect Thilo Schoder ranked among the most talented pupils of the Belgian architect Henry van de Veld. For industrialist Franz Stross, Schoder designed a luxurious house known unofficially as the ‘Nile steamer’ or the ‘submarine’. The basic concept of the house as a whole, including its furnishings, was grounded on the organic-structural architectural principles of van de Veld. (Greatvillas.org) 






  12. It has been two, particularly cold and rainy, weeks since my initial arrival at Liberec. The intro being over now, tomorrow the semester officially starts. Already finding myself able to appreciate home and reminding myself that a life of comfort is not what is wanted but that life starts where the comfort zone ends. 


  13. First days in Liberec.


  14. plays: 33

    Last night in Prague, feels less significant than I feel it should. 


  15. Love the interior at Hostivar, a small local brewery in Prague. As well as the alcohol-free beer, albeit not of their own making, on tap for drivers and freaks like me.